Outdoor Season Updates

Outdoor Season Updates

HEY EVERYONE! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. After the indoor season ended, I got really caught up in school work. Midterms came around and for some reason my teachers decided to load us up with work, knowing that us students take about 5 other classes plus theirs, and are most likely going to have work in our other classes as well. Doesn’t it seem like a common trend? So, I blame this delay of blogging on my teachers. Just kidding, you guys are great. Thanks for teaching us. :)

Some updates on the Outdoor season:
Our first meet went extremely well, which was at Westfield State University. We took first place out of the many teams who competed that day. We had many first place finishes and a lot of qualifying times for some championship meets! It’s always exciting to qualify for a championship meet at the first meet of the season.
Our second meet of the season was at Tufts University in Medford, MA. The competition at this meet ranged from teams from Division III to Division I athletics. We had some first place finishes as well as many top 10 finishes throughout the entire meet.
Our third meet of the season, which was at Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT, went extremely well. There were a lot of personal best times, throws, and jumps at this meet along with a number of first place and top 5 finishes from the team. We were very satisfied with this meet, despite the cold weather.

Speaking about weather, I’d like to take a minute real quick to talk about this. I love the outdoor track season a lot, but Mother Nature seems mad at us or something. The very first week of outdoor track, it was BEAUTIFUL out. It was 75-80 degrees every day! And now the weather is 50 something degrees and cloudy, sometimes sunny. Hopefully Mother Nature gets over whatever she’s mad at soon.  It looks like she is because I think next week is looking good, or at least Monday is. It is going to be 80 degrees, a.k.a perfect running weather. :)

Every season of track I run, I realize I always learn something. So far this season, I have learned that you need to, I mean absolutely need to, double check your track bag before you leave for an away meet. The necessities you cannot leave your room without are your uniform, spikes, and running sneakers. Everything else, you can find from a teammate or something, but ALWAYS make sure you have those three items. Last weekend, when we traveled 4 hours to Middlebury, Vermont, I realized, after 3 hours of driving, that I had forgotten my running sneakers in my room. I know what your saying- how can you forget your running sneakers? Yeah, I’m not quite sure either. Luckily, one of my teammates let me wear her sneakers so she saved my life. Thanks Michelle :) . Moral of the story: double check your bag. Not check once, but check twice. Two times.

This weekend, the team will be traveling to Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT to compete against Coast Guard and WPI. Each meet, we have been improving our times, throws, and jumps, so we are looking forward to continuing this success this weekend. Let’s tear it up, ladies!

Talk to you soon…PROMISE! :)

BU Valentine Invitational & MIT Invitational

This past weekend, the team traveled to Boston University to compete at the BU Valentine Invitational Meet on Friday and traveled to MIT to compete at the MIT Invitational on Saturday. Everyone did an outstanding job this weekend! This had to have been the best showing for the team so far this season.

On Friday, 14 of us packed into two vans, to drive to Boston. Coach Pennington drove one van, and Coach Chris, our assistant coach, drove the other van. What an interesting ride it was with Coach Pennington! We learned plenty of stuff including that coach really enjoys country music, wearing Ugg boots makes me look like a cave woman, and no one is a better driver on the highway than coach.  Gotta love Coach P.

The 400m was the first race at BU. It started at approximately 3:00 p.m. Three of my teammates and I competed in this event, and we all ran wicked fast! Other races the team did well in were the 800m, mile, and the 60m hurdles. Our 4x400m relay placed 9th with a time of 3:57.9, our personal best this season! We really enjoy competing at this meet because it’s great to see how we can compete not only against Division III schools, but against Division I and Division II schools as well. Just because we are Division III student-athletes doesn’t mean we can’t compete with the big schools!

On Saturday at MIT, we had awesome performances from our runners, throwers, jumpers, and pole vaulters. Props to Bethany Young, Kelly Curtis, Michelle Mirti, and Alex Mustardo for competing both days and rocking it- you all tore it up this weekend! Congrats to Jenn Kapinos for competing both days as well, and receiving Maroon Club Female Athlete of the Week!

Awesome job again to everyone that competed this weekend. Now it’s time to get back on the track and work hard to prep for Division III New England Championships this weekend at Smith College. Let’s tear it up SC!

Talk to you soon,

Gabby :)

The Day Before a Meet

Fridays are such phenomenal days- it’s the last day of the school week, you don’t have to worry about going to the library to get homework done, there is no class until Monday, you can hang out with friends, exercise, relax, etc. The best thing about Friday though, is that it is the day before a track meet.

The team meets at the field house, where the track is located, to set up for the meet itself. Before we have our pre-meet meeting with Coach Pennington, we have to set up the entire field house for competition. I just love this part. So much. I would never wish to ever have a set up crew, because I would be so upset if we were not able to set up the giant, heavy mats for pole vault and high jump. Oh, and I love carrying three hurdles at a time across the field house then going back to the shed to get more hurdles! The huge throwing cage probably excites us the most because it is so heavy and rolls so slowly across the field house. Yeah, set up is awesome (note the sarcasm).

Once we are done setting up, the entire team gathers on the metal bleachers and the meeting begins. I always look forward to Coach’s encouraging and motivating words. Coach tells us what events we are doing, how the meet is going to run, and never fails to remind us about his favorite cell phone policy. Get caught on the phone, and you have an automatic spot on the 4x400m relay whether you usually run it or not. Our team leaders will take over from then on, and give us advice on how to better prepare ourselves for competition. They also announce the Hard Worker of the Week and Most Spirit of the Week awards. Last week, Katie Bedrossian was our Hard Worker of the Week and Rhian Duggan was our Most Spirt of the Week. Congrats to both of you! The team leaders also set up our “Secret Psych” for the meet. This is a tradition we have on the team; every home meet we have, we always pick, randomly, another one of our teammates to make a sign for. It’s a fun way to get everyone psyched for the meet!

After the meeting, we jog a few laps and do the warm up together as a team. Since we compete the next day, we don’t do much of a work out on Fridays. We want to make sure we save the energy for our events the next day. To end practice, we clap it up and do the usual, “SC, TEAR IT UP!” chant.

Individually, we all have our own rituals we follow. Some of the girls like to eat pasta the day before a meet to stock up on carbohydrates for energy. I get a little nervous, so I try to do a lot of relaxing things before I go to bed, like drink tea or paint my nails. Yes, I know, painting my nails may sound kind of like a weird ritual but it calms me down. To help calm some of my nervousness, I made an appointment with my athletic counselor today. Everyone on the team has access to an athletic counselor. Talking about different strategies on how to be less nervous definitely helped a lot.

This basically sums up a typical Friday for the SC Women’s Track and Field team. Tonight, we have a work shop, run by our lovely athletic counselors, that focuses on motivation. Time to get pumped up for the meet tomorrow! Good luck to everyone competing, as well as to the SC Men’s Track and Field Team. Let’s tear it up!

Talk to you soon,
Gabby :)

Welcome to Springfield College’s Women’s Track and Field Blog

My name is Gabriella Gaudreault, and I am a sophomore on the women’s track and field team here at the wonderful Springfield College. Around campus, I am better known as Gabby. Growing up, I always thought that “Gabriella” was too old for me, so I decided to grab the nickname “Gabby.” After all, it does explain a lot about me. I never stop talking.

My major is applied exercise science. I also work for Campus Recreation in the Wellness Center during the free time that I have in my busy schedule. Being a student-athlete and maintaining a job are difficult to balance, but definitely manageable.

This past weekend, the team hiked up to Maine for an outstanding meet. Despite the three and a half hour bus ride, the team competed very well. Out of the 10 teams that competed, our very own team came in first place! Along with our winning position, we had many first place finishes including the 55m dash, 4x200m relay, 400m, 800m, and 4x400m relay. In every event, running and field, we placed top eight, which means we scored points in each. The team worked so hard, and we cannot be happier with the outcome of this meet. Congratulations to all the other teams who competed at the Southern Maine Invitational as well.

This Saturday, February 4th, we have our last home meet of the indoor season against eight other teams. We are very excited and preparing hard for it. There is just something about running on your own track, or playing on your own home field, that motivates all athletes to do their best. It excites everyone that much more than running or playing away on another team’s turf.

On that note, mark your calendars for Feb. 4th and we hope to see you all at our last home meet of the indoor season!

Talk to you soon,
Gabby :)