Shoot around and Practice Wednesday 7/9 By: Ben Pierce (2015) & Josh Downes (2016)

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The Springfield College Men’s basketball team started off the second part of their day with lunch in Cheney at 1130. From there some members of the team went to a shoot around in Blake Arena. The shoot around consisted of mainly getting up position shots in the beginning, then mixed with shooting games to get us to be more competitive. Shoot around ended with a four on four half court game, to get us to work on our motion offense and the shooting that we just worked on. After shoot around part of our team relaxes on the senior green in front of the Town Houses where we are staying, and then prepare for practice at 5. –Josh Downes (2016)

On Wednesday, a week before we depart for Japan, we had to have another great practice.  Everyone knew that and was competing with utmost intensity. We continued to work together on our skills and teamwork through competitions and drills. After practice, the team decided to have a little more relaxing and social gathering to top off the day. We got some burgers and hot dogs to throw on the grill for dinner. We sat outside the Townhouses on the grass just talking and having a good time. We have the day off tomorrow which will give us time for much needed rest before we get back to the hard work on Friday–Ben Pierce (2015)

Gray House By: Justin Tienhaara (2015)

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Today the team lent a helping hand to the Gray House, a human service organization in the north end of Springfield. Every year, during the first semester of school, the team visits the house to landscape and clean up the yard. The people who work at the house always appreciate our help, and it feels good to give back to community. However on today’s episode at the Gray house, we did not do our usually routine of landscaping and ground work; our agenda for this Gray House visit was to move the remains of a demolished shed into a dumpster. Although the work was strenuous, it also brought back some good memories of our work at the gray house earlier this year. There was an ongoing joke about throwing objects that did not have a place into the very shed we were now throwing out. As a team we worked to get the job done to the best of our ability. I’m happy we could support Gray House again this year and I am looking forward to returning to help again in the fall! photo (2)photo (1)

Salvation Army By: Nigel Edwards (2015)

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On July 7th  the Springfield College Men’s Basketball program volunteered and assisted young children at the salvation army. When we first arrived the children were obviously nervous, not knowing what to say, or how to approach us. We easily took care of this dilemma with our outgoing and charming personalities. The Physical Education program of Springfield College also helped with this issue by preparing the players with multiple techniques.  Students like Justin Tienhaara and Ben Pierce (both PE majors) really stuck out, with the children gravitating towards them.

Names and games were on the agenda for about the first hour.  We played basketball, soccer and a game called taps. What was next? An optional group sing along! Without hesitation we all participated and sang, some were better than others.  After the group sing along, we introduced ourselves formally with our names, our position on the team, and where we were from. Once completed the kids were split into groups.  Each of those groups were sent to different stations and we followed suit. Half of the team went to crafts and the other half went to recreation with the kids. In recreation, the team continued to play games and entertain the  children. In crafts the team helped the children color in and make flags for them to take home.

Time flew and before we knew it or day with the Salvation Army had ended. Overall it was a wonderful experience for the Springfield Basketball program. It was very fulfilling putting a smile on these young kids’ faces knowing that we represented Springfield College.IMG_0117.JPGIMG_0121.JPG

Shoot around, Practice, Dinner 7/7/14 By: Larry Piretra (2016)

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With all of our free time back at school, we always schedule a shoot around at 12 and practice at 5. Our shoot around is almost like a mini practice with the intensity we put forth. We do not just go and shoot around for an hour; we work as hard as we can by pushing others. We split up into big men and guards for the most part, where the big men worked on fighting for loose balls and going right back up with them. While the guards worked on close outs in real game situations, as well as working on cutting in a 2 on 2 game.

In our second practice we continued to running through our offense, while trying to get back in mid-season form. We also introduced many of the new Japanese rules, such as a much wider lane and a 24 second shot clock. We will continue to implement these new rules in game-like situations in our next practice. My favorite part about our practice and shoot around is the intensity we had as a team. If we continue to push ourselves like this, we will be in mid-season form, if not better, come time to play in Japan.