We left St. Jean (France) and drove through the Roncevaux Pass .  It is a high mountain pass near the border between France and Spain.  The pass itself is entirely in Spain.  It is a very difficult, 8 to 9 …

Mike Escalante says:
The small village of Roncesvalles sounds very unique! I think it is pretty... more
Tim Swenson says:
It’s crazy to think that some of these people will travel up to almost... more

I had to write more about this quaint, beautiful, town with narrow streets and even narrower places to walk.  It was busy with groups of tourists, locals, and peregrinos – both hikers and bikers. (A photo of hikers was on …

Alex Martin says:
With the roads being so narrow it must be crowded with all the tourists, locals... more
Sean Smith says:
Very interesting to hear about the 8 hour journey. I can’t even imagine... more

19/9/2012 We left San Sebastian and headed north to France.   We planned our route so that we could see some of the beautiful beaches in the French resort town of Biarritz.  We were not disappointed! We stopped for a light …

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Spain looks absolutely amazing! I hope that one day I get to visit it and take... more
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The beaches look amazing. I really hope to visit Spain one day, it is so... more

19/9/2012 – Leaving San Sebastian In preparing for the Pilgrimage, we went to the Iglesia de Buen Pastor where we registered for the pilgrimage.  On the form, it asks how you are going to ‘do’ the Camino – a pie, en …

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It sounds really interesting to spend a portion of your life on the religious... more
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I think it is so interesting that they sort of issue you a passport to get... more

What’s in the news?

Many of you have asked about Spain in general.  Here are few of the ‘titulares’ (headlines) and topics that are in the news:  Obra maestro de José Tomás en Nimes, corazón de España: Bullfighting genius and legendary matador José Tomás (37):  In …


Responses to some of your common questions

Several of you have asked questions re the language, food, and people.  I have answered most of you directly, but I thought you would all would be interested in these topics. The Language: No.  I cannot speak all 4 languages (Castellano, Gallego, Euskara, and …


San Sebastian & beyond

Hola! 16/9/2012 We arrived on Friday, pretty much exhausted.  We registered at the hotel and promptly went  to the Centro Antiguo to find ”pintxos”.  (Ask Profa Martha.) Increible!  Tons of people, tons of fun. Saturday, we stayed close to our new home, familiarized …


Introduction to the Basque Region of Spain and El Camino de Santiago

Kaixo! Ongi etorri! Ni Professor Szewczynski naiz. Hello and welcome in the Euskara language. No it’s not Spanish, but it is one of the 4 languages spoken in Spain. I welcome all of you to join me in my travels …