SC Professors Make a Difference

Springfield College is known for a many things depending on who you talk to.  Some people know SC as the Birthplace of Basketball, others are impressed by  the College’s prestigious academic programs.  But sometimes as students, we don’t realize how lucky we are to have such intelligent and dedicated professors.

I am a communications/sports journalism (COSJ) major with a business minor and I cannot emphasize enough how incredible all of my professors are.  Wise, knowledgeable, smart, etc., are some of the adjectives that I would have used to describe some of my high school teachers, but when talking about my professors here at SC, those descriptive words hardly do them justice.

Let me give you some examples (just in case you need some persuading.)  I declared my major a bit later than most people: second semester of my sophomore year, so let’s just say I was behind.  Upon enrolling as a COSJ major, a new advisor was appointed to me, Jody Santos.  Jody Santos is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker.  She has reported for television and print news for the last 20 years, and has been producing and directing documentaries for PBS and cable networks like Discovery Health and the Hallmark Channel since 2000.  Not only do I look up to her as a journalist, but also as a highly respected woman in the field.

As a professor, Jody runs her classes in a smooth productive way where she encourages the students to discuss the material and voice their opinions.  As a sophomore I took Introduction to Communications with her, and this year (junior year) I am in her Film Genre-Documentary Film course.  Even if I wanted to, I could not talk badly about Jody as a professor, let alone as a person.

As an advisor she is someone who is concerned with her students and their well-being.  Jody will break her back for her advisees to ensure that their college experience may run as smoothly as possible, and I say that from experience.

Another professor of mine that I would like to shine some light on is Marty Dobrow.  Author of several books, columnist for, and first place honors from the United States Basketball Writers Association, are just a handful of Marty’s accomplishments.

He is a gifted author, journalist,  and professor who is dedicated to educating his students with the best of his abilities.  Marty differentiates from other professors through his absolute love for teaching.  We have all had those teachers who clearly do not enjoy their job; yelling at students, criticizing them for incorrect answers.  If you don’t want to be here… why should we want to be here?!  Talk about sending a mixed message.  But not Marty.  He has a way of capturing an audience.  As an author and a journalist, that is his job; to make people care about what he is writing about.  But his true gift lies in his ability to walk into a room, instantly secure respect and power, yet to speak and teach so sincerely.  Marty cares about his students deeply.  I, along with many others, consider Marty a mentor.

As I said before, I was new to the major and overwhelmed with meeting my requirements to graduate on time.  Without hesitation Marty gathered me under his comforting wing of knowledge and provided me with the information that I needed to strive as a journalist.  He coordinated my internship this summer at WTNH Channel 8 in New Haven, Conn., immediately unlocking and opening the doors to my future.  Marty has provided me with the tools to explore my opportunities as a journalist and continues to do so immensely.

In a nutshell, what I am trying to say is that recognition is due to those that deserve it.  The professors here at Springfield College operate at such high levels of professionalism, and they warrant our appreciation.  A huge shout out to the COSJ major and everyone that makes it an unforgettable experience.

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