COSJ Professors – Thank You

We are all different.   Not one person in this world is exactly identical to another human being.  We have established beliefs and morals, experienced tragedy and success.  We have been shaped by our education of life.

Education- the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.  This is the definition that I found most fitting what I’m about to talk about.

We are never done learning.  Up until the day we die, the last hour, the last minute, the last second, some new and unfamiliar idea enters your brain, allowing interpretation and initiating a reaction.

While the education system is far from flawless, its benefits are undeniable.  That 8.5 x 11 piece of paper that is presented to us after four years is supposedly our only “in” with the world’s successors.  That degree is said to be definitive of our futures.  Whether or not I believe the truth of that statement is irrelevant because regardless of that opinion, I am still conforming to society’s educational expectations.

Of course, a college education has developed into a necessity, and slowly, the degree (pun intended) of that education has transformed.  A high school diploma is nothing more than a congratulations for multitasking between school work and being judged on pretty much everything you have ever done.  Enter here, the next step to achieving a higher education: college.

College has easily been the best experience of my life thus far.  I’m positive that there will be other life endeavors that will trump my college years, but for now, this is it, and I would really like to take time to reflect on some of the people that truly made an impact on how I interpret the realm of education.

As you all know, I am “majoring” in communications/sports journalism (COSJ).  I was lucky to have found my niche very early in life.  I love to write and I’d like to think that I’m not too bad at it.

I entered this major with no knowledge of what it would be like.  Each specialty field here at Springfield College has its own reputation, however, we don’t usually become aware of those reputations until we are already deeply emerged into those groups.  I had no clue what to expect.  But I can sincerely say that I was the most pleasantly surprised than I have ever been in my entire life.

The professors of the COSJ major are incredible people.  They have a sincere desire to teach, and an even greater desire for us to learn.  The difference is so exponentially important, but rarely acknowledged.

These professors see us as equals.  Now, read that sentence again- These professors see us as equals.  And because of that, they are some of the most respected people in my life.

It is so clear how hard they have worked to establish this unbreakable bond.  The little things, to start, make a huge difference. We refer to all of our professors by their first names–the informality and familiarness of the first-name-basis is exactly what us COSJ-ers love about the program.  I believe that the allowance of this sort of personal relationship invites students to learn more from the professors not only as teachers, but as people.

The relationship that COSJ student have made with these professors is astounding to me, because it truly verifies my belief of interpersonal education- the theory of one’s ability to acquire more knowledge through his or her interactions with other people than that of “traditional” classroom education.

The communications/sports journalism professors have mastered the concept of communication and there is nothing I could possibly say to expel how appreciative I am of that.  To Jody Santos, Marty Dobrow and Kyle Belanger- thank you for caring about us.  Thank you for allowing us to grow up in your classrooms.  Thank you for giving us your whole, true selves. Thank you for teaching us new things; and know that we appreciate your yearn to learn from us as well.  Thank you for giving us a voice and supporting us in everything we do.  Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for talking to us, not at us.  Thank you for sharing your own accomplishments with us.  Jody, with your documentary.  Marty, with your new book.  Kyle, with your radio show.  Know that your achievements matter to us.  We are proud of you.  We are loyal to you.

You receive what you give.  And these professors, who gave us all they had, will forever hold a place in our hearts.  You have treated us, and continue to treat us with the utmost respect and sincerity.  You deserve this recognition, and it was one of the easiest thank yous I have ever written.

Many Thanks,