Advice On Your Last Semester at Springfield College


Surviving your last semester of college requires some balance.  There are so many different and opposing emotions bouncing around your brain:

Excitement: This is what you have been working three and a half years for.  You are that much closer to a diploma.

Anxiety: You are questioning yourself.  “Am I ready to be on my own?”  “Do I want to jump right into my career after graduation, or should I put it on hold to enjoy my last, real summer?”

Eagerness: You are so ready to not be a broke college student anymore. Having $30 per week of spending money just isn’t satisfying and you’re ready to be independent.

Sadness: You’ve met your best friends at Springfield College.  Those friends who will be in your wedding party, those friends that you go on annual vacations with simply because you cannot be without each other.  You have met your soulmates throughout the past three and a half years at Springfield College and you cannot imagine parting with them; not seeing them every day is hard to fathom.

Happiness: NO MORE HOMEWORK OR RESEARCH PAPERS EVER AGAIN!  That in itself calls for major celebration.

My advice to you:

Springfield College is where I met my lifetime best friends and my boyfriend of three years.   The countless hours of laughter, the ridiculous memories, the “you only live once” nights out.  Springfield College possesses some of most important chapters in my life and I will be forever grateful.

It is where I found mentors and professors whose main wish is to see me succeed.  It is where I found myself.  Springfield College provided me with the tools to discover who I am, what I am meant to do, and helped me develop a deep, self-embedded goal to always do my best.

Enjoy this last semester to the fullest.  Do not rush your final college days. Appreciate the present.