The Springfield College Health Center Wants to Help

flu girlIt is hard to avoid getting sick this time of year.  On college campuses especially, germs are exchanged and our bodies are slowly adapting to the weather change.  Classrooms echo with sneezes and coughs, making those who have not been infected yet cringe in fear of acquiring the cough from the kid sitting next to you.

Being sick while at school is a whole other ball game than being sick while at home.  Lying in bed all day while Mom delivers you her homemade chicken noodle soup and ginger ale … that just doesn’t happen at school.  We have to push through it on our own, and by push through it I mean follow these steps religiously to ensure a speedy recovery.

1. Utilize the Springfield College Health Center. The health center is there for us. Their mission is specifically designed to help students stay healthy: “The health center mission is to provide comprehensive health care for the students of Springfield College with the purpose of preventing disease, improving health, and enhancing the balance of spirit, mind and body.” The health center staff members also are some of the nicest people on campus. It is always nice to feel welcome and the employees know that.  They go out of their way to interact with students in a very caring, maternal way to help them recover as quickly as possible. 

If you feel something coming on, make an appointment with the health center immediately. The sooner you find out what it is that you are sick with, the sooner you can begin to recover.

The Springfield College Health Center contact information is as follows:

(413) 748-3175

Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

2. Vitamin C is your best friend. Vitamin C helps to protect the cells of the body from being damaged by foreign infections, viruses, etc. And for those on a budget, it isn’t expensive. At Walgreens, it will cost you a mere $4 for a bottle of vitamin C. Invest and digest.

3. For those of age, do not consume alcohol while taking a prescription. Most medications that treat the common college sicknesses – the flu, strep, bronchitis, etc. – do not mix well with alcohol. The effects of alcohol often double when mixed with prescribed medications. If you think that you’re taking it easy by having four beers, think again because your body will react as if you just drank eight. Not to mention it significantly lessens the effect of the curing aid. You’re just prolonging your illness.

4. Hydrate! Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard this a million times. But it really is true. Many medications dehydrate the body, and chances are, you are already dehydrated in the first place, as most illnesses kill your desire to eat or drink. Water is always great, however many doctors would suggest drinking something with some substance, such as tea or ginger ale. Tea drinking, whether you’re sick or not, is extremely good for you. Tea with some lemon and honey will not only hydrate you, but will sooth a sore throat within seconds. Plus, for those health conscience women out there, it helps eliminate belly fat! There are so many different types of teas that it may feel overwhelming, so do your research. There are teas to help you sleep, wake-up, lose weight, relax…whatever you need there is usually a type of tea for that specific purpose.

Check out some of these links to help you choose the tea for you! 

5. Rest. I cannot stress enough the importance of letting the body rest. You must take a few days off to let your immune system fight off whatever it is that you are infected with. Your professors will understand, just be sure to get a note from your doctor or the health center to ensure an excused absence. Everybody gets sick; everybody needs to take a personal day. Don’t feel guilty, but do make sure that you catch up with your work upon your recovery.

These are the steps that I use for a speedy recovering, and I really do swear by them.  Keep those immune systems healthy with these simple steps and I can guarantee that you’ll be feeling better before you know it!