Crossing the Atlantic, Friday 8/2/2013


It is hard to believe that we are in the air crossing the Atlantic as I write this. It was exciting for Erin and me to reconnect with our students at the British Airways ticket counter as we haven’t seen them since May. There was certainly a buzz of excitement as we approached them. After acquiring our boarding passes, we headed for the security checkpoint only to be horrified at the length of the line snaking down the long lobby. With an hour until loading for our flight, it was clear there was no way we were going to make it through in time. However, Sasha (our only male besides myself) quickly produced a receipt from the adjoining restaurant where he had lunch and with a promise of express cutting us through the line off we went. I will admit I was a bit suspect that this simple receipt was going to put us ahead of literally hundreds of impatient travelers but off we went to the front of the line! After a five minute wait, we headed through the scanning machines and soon we were headed for our gate. Well done Sasha, you can travel with me anytime, as you so often do. :)

We loaded on time but we are spread throughout the plane so none of us are sitting near each other to allow us to catch up on our summer activities. The plane made it’s roll down the runway at 7:30pm, just 20 minutes late which is pretty good for the airline industry. It is a 5hr 40min flight so it will just be getting light as we land in London. After a bit of a layover in Heathrow, we will reboard for Prague. It is always amazing how you lose your night as you fly east. We will certainly be sleep deprived tomorrow (Saturday) but we will keep everyone moving to try to adjust to the six hour time difference as soon as we can. Well, that’s it for now. Time to take a nap myself! Harry


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3 thoughts on “Crossing the Atlantic, Friday 8/2/2013

  1. Joan Bishop says:

    Did everyone’s luggage arrive?

    Joan Bishop

  2. Tara Furkey says:

    I am so happy for all of you! Enjoy the time together and give each other hugs often!

  3. Donna Lewis says:

    Who knew that one lunch could be that valuable! We can’t beleive that one receipt worked for the entire group- and to think we told Sasha there was no way it WOULD work!

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