Welcome to the Prague Blog by Harry Rock, YMCA Office Director, 8-2-13


Greetings to all of the students, family members, friends, faculty, colleagues, relatives and interested parties who will be following our trip to Prague. This will be our primary means of communicating where we will be, what we are doing, and how we will be traveling. We will try to post a fresh blog every day to keep you updated. Recognize that there is a six hour time difference, Prague being ahead of us here in the US. Example: When you wake up at 6:00am, it will be noon for us in Prague. Generally we will write our posts the evening prior so when you wake up, you should have something to read from us. The challenge for us however is getting a WiFi signal that we can connect to. Our past experience with international travel tells us that this can be a challenge sometimes so if you aren’t finding a fresh update, it is either because we haven’t been able to connect or we have been on the move so much that we haven’t had time to actually write one. So while we will try to post everyday, we won’t make that a solid promise, but we will do our best. Also, don’t be shy about sending us messages and responses to the blog. We love reading notes from everyone and we share those with the entire group. It is kind of like “mail call” at camp!

Trip leaders Erin Friedman (assistant YMCA Office Director) and myself (Harry Rock, YMCA Office Director) are very excited about this unique experience for the 11 students who will be traveling with us. Sarah Heminger, Assistant Director of the Springfield College International Center will also be joining us as a travel companion for the event. We will be attending the YMCA Europe Festival in Prague, Czech Republic which is essentially an international gathering of 10,000 young people from YMCAs from 50 different countries. This event only takes place once every five years so it is truly a unique opportunity to take advantage of. If you desire to learn more about the actual festival, Google YMCA Europe Festival where you can find information on the daily schedules and everything that is going on.

To our students, safe travels until we meet in Boston at the airport at 4:30pm on Friday at the British Airways ticket counter. Look for the check-in line for London-Heathrow, flight #212 with a departure time of 7:10pm. For the three students flying separately from our main group, please be safe and we’ll look forward to connecting with you in Prague. Remember to call either Erin or myself on our cell phones or text us. Good luck everyone and Prague, here we come for the adventure of a lifetime!

Group Photo in Y Club Rm

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Director of Office of YMCA Relations and the YMCA Hall of Fame at Springfield College

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Prague Blog by Harry Rock, YMCA Office Director, 8-2-13

  1. Joan Bishop says:


    Happy you had a safe journey.

    I know you’ll have a wonderful time.

    Looking forward to the daily blogs.

    Joan & Ed Bishop

  2. Anne rock says:

    Thanks for the blog info, we like to know things are going! Sounds like fun. Keep cool.

  3. Anne rock says:

    Wow! 100 is way too hot! Glad that you are learning about different countries and handling the language barrier. Traveling is always an interesting experience, and stories get better every time one tells them.
    Have fun, all the thousands of you!

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