Tuesday 8/6/13 A Fun Day At The Festival

Boy, how the time is moving. I can’t believe it is Tuesday already. We have covered a lot of ground since my last post yesterday, taking advantage of everything to all hours of the night. These 1:30am bedtimes with 6:30am wake-ups are wearing on this advisor but we are going strong. Yesterday we spent the day exploring the old city of Prague with much shopping along the way. I’m not sure how these suitcases are going to accommodate all the bags I see the students carrying but there should be some nice gifts and remembrances coming home. The YMCA Festival finally kicked off last night after the storm delay. There was an atmosphere filled with energy and excitement as the ocean of young people descended on the festival grounds at 5:00pm. There were activities, music, dinner and networking opportunities going on all over. As the evening moved along, we decided to leave and take the tram back down to the Charles River Bridge which is simply breathtaking, both during the day and at night. Views of Old Town on one side and Prague Castle on the other keeps you standing in the center spellbound. We stopped for ice cream and worked our way towards the old town square which is as European as you can get with the old structures, spires, statues and obvious history. It was late when we arrived back at the hostel but quick showers and some sleep had us ready for the day today. We arrived at the festival grounds by 9:00am for a leadership training which took the morning. The afternoon has had us busy volunteering leading sports activities for the other participants, attending workshops ourselves and touring the extensive grounds. It is amazing how many things are going on for everyone to take advantage of from arts & crafts, dance, high ropes, singing songs, listening to music and just meeting people from all over the world. There are even two pools for the students to swim in which have been filled all day with young people due to the heat. A surprise was the huge tree house complex that many participants are actually living in for the week. Bottom line, we haven’t been bored. It is still hot but we are making sure everyone is drinking lots of water. We are going to dinner shortly so I’m going to wrap up. I’m in a hotel lounge right now where I was able to find a WiFi connection waiting for the students to show up from the hostel. Oh, they are here now, off we go! Thanks again for the messages. We love them! Harryimage image image imageimageimage image image imageimageimage imageimage image image

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday 8/6/13 A Fun Day At The Festival

  1. Joan Bishop says:

    Glad the storms have passed.

    You look like you are all having a wonderful time.

    What a great opportunity.

    Thank you to Shelby and Chloe for helping Malaina keep in touch with us.

  2. rose marie foley says:

    the pictures are beautiful. Everyone looks like they are having a great time, tired yes but so much to see and do. Nicole rest up the the upcoming adventures.
    Love and miss you. nana

  3. Renee Parolii says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated with your activities. The pictures are wonderful. Everyone seems to be having a great time. What a wonderful opportunity for our children. -Renee Parolisi love you Nic!

  4. Tammy Biggins says:

    Wow! What great photos of everyone – hey! where are Harry and Erin ; ) – you all look like you’re having a fantastic time!!

    Such a beautiful city – I’ll bet it will be hard to leave. I’m sure many wonderful memories are being made and great opportunities are being had. Keep having BIG FUN!!!

  5. Tara Furkey says:

    It is so nice to see these pictures and the great memories that these kids are making! Love you Shelby! See you soon! Mom

  6. skip says:

    Hi Shelby Gray! Nice to see all of you having a good time. Miss you lots and love you, tons! don’t forget where you live……..

  7. Donna Lewis says:

    What a happy group! Sasha, it looks like you are enjoying your time with all the lovely ladies! Keep smiling and making memories!

  8. jane Otolo says:

    Love all of the pictures!

    ok, so I guess the hospital’s in Prague are a bit shall we say, sparce? But I’m glad that the language barrier didn’t prevent you from getting the emergency care you needed, how the heck did you get a Kidney/Bladder infection?!

    Jessica, I really hope you start to feel better and thanks Emily & Erin for going to the Hospital with Jessica!

    Ut-oh, I just heard that you are having hives, an allergic reaction to the antibiotics…please take some antihistamine and go back to the hospital if it gets worse. Nothing worse than being sick when you are away…you hang in there <3
    oxoxo mom

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