at Heathrow, pre-flight

ready for home

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last night in London

on London's Millenium Bridge, returning to the Tavistock for the last time

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and one more from York

at St. Mary's Abbey Ruins, York

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more photos from York–shenanigans

Jim tries on an English Civil War era helmet--fetching, no?

Elena joins Jim

We fail to get the helmet on Frank's head

Jenn at the York Castle Museum prison yard

Jenn, Cait, and Elena at the York Castle Dungeon


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some photos from York–at the Minster

York Minster

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safely home!

We are safely home!

We’ll be posting some follow-up thoughts here in the coming days… after we’ve done some laundry and readjusted to this time zone.  Thanks so much for following our adventures and posting comments!  We had a great trip, and I can’t think of nicer people to travel with!


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we return home

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Shakespeare’s Globe

We’ll be here, later today!

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (reconstructed), as seen from our Thames cruise

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York Day 2 Report

Hiya!  We had a couple chilly, overcast days in York…  and now that we’re leaving, the sun is coming out!  But that didn’t slow us down.

We started out yesterday morning taking photos of the picturesque St. Mary’s Abbey ruins (that villain Henry VIII again!), then toured a couple museums:  the Yorkshire Museum and the York Castle Museum.  To Becky’s dismay, the new medieval exhibits were not yet opened at the Yorkshire Museum, but we saw lots of cool Roman artifacts there from the York area.  We also creeped ourselves out in the dungeon of the York Castle Museum!

Then we split up for our own sightseeing.  Some of the attractions we checked out included:  Clifford’s Tower (site of an old Norman castle, and site of the tragic deaths of York’s Jews in the Middle Ages); more shopping and rambling in the Shambles; a tour of the Yorkshire Brewery; walks through the massive York Minster; the Railroad Museum; and evensong services at the Minster.  Many different evening activities were planned, too.  One group even caught a live performance of The Sound of Music–and they saw some of the same children and parents we’d seen performing and listening to evensong, earlier!

Now it’s breakfast time, and soon time to catch our train back to London.  There we’ll have a free afternoon, then a late afternoon  tour of the Globe Theatre, then a farewell dinner… and trying to cram everything in our suitcases!  Tomorrow morning, an early start out for Heathrow, and we’ll soon be home with many stories to tell and many pictures to share!


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*some* of the tragedies at our hotel…

one of the rooms where group members are staying

and another...

I don’t have a picture of the placard for the Hafeys’ room, which tells of a servant girl who hanged herself from the rafter!  Eep!  Elena was telling one of us the story as we got settled in, and Frank overheard just the end and thought this tragedy had only just happened.  You should have seen the look on his face, poor guy!

I look forward to hearing the other ghost stories they heard on last night’s city walk!

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